The highest building of Olivia Business Center is under construction!

Olivia Business Center (in the foreground: Olivia Six)
Olivia Business Center (in the foreground: Olivia Six)
Olivia Business Center keeps the pace of commissioning of a one structure per year. The building of Olivia Star has already started.

The realization of Olivia Star (formerly known as „Olivia 5”) started in April this year. According to the schedule, it will end in the fourth quarter of 2016. When it is commissioned, the total area of the seaside park will amount to over 100 000 sq. m. The building will be realized between two offices – Olivia Four and Olivia Six closing the circle running around the internal patio. Olivia Star – thanks to a possibility of its connection with adjacent buildings – will allow tenants to obtain even 3000 sq. m of office area on one tier. Moreover, a 3-tier underground garage is planned to be realized in the skyscraper.  


Olivia Business Center has been systematically developing since 2010. The commissioned offices: Olivia Gate, Olivia Point, Olivia Tower, Olivia Four and Olivia Six opened in May this year surround the patio with greenery and fountains, on which a special winter garden is currently being realized. Except for Olivia Star, a building permit concerning one more building has been issued. The complex is located in the Gdańsk Oliwa district next to the Campus of the University of Gdańsk; it offers offices, the area of which totals from 10 to several thousand sq. m. It became a headquarters of such prestigious companies as Allianz, Ivona Software, Bayer, Energa, Epam Systems, Noble Bank, PKO BO, PwC, Sii, Starbucks or ThyssenKrupp. 


Gdańsk is a perfect place for both running a business and living. However, it needs new areas where people and companies could creatively develop their potential on a global scale. At present, there are ca. 5 thousand of people working in Olivia Business Center and other 5 thousand of workplaces will be created within the nearest several years – i.a. thanks to a building of the Olivia Star skyscraper. We would like the young educated people from whole Poland to continue their professional careers in Gdańsk. Everyone can find a place for themselves and actively realize their ideas in Olivia Business Center. It would not be like that if there was no cooperation with public institutions, universities and entrepreneurs. The business district – which was realized in Gdańsk-Oliwa thanks to this cooperation – is a unique and nationwide project – says Maciej Grabski – chairman of Olivia Business Center – about the development vision of the complex.  


All residents in the center have a possibility of benefitting from many services such as obtainment of funds for development of companies, support at recruitment of employees, legal, accounting and tax consultancy, marketing and communication support. Moreover, they will also have 3 conference centers, medical center, restaurant, kindergarten, nursery, 3 banks, modern gymnasium, cafe, beauty salon, notary and point for charging of electric cars at their disposal. Furthermore, the O4 zone – that is entrepreneurship accelerator with instant offices – has been recently officially opened. The center has over 1600 parking places and changing rooms for bicyclists.


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