The new Rotunda

PKO rotunda in the centre of Warsaw is going to be replaced by a new one with a restaurant and a garden.

PKO Rotunda, located in the city centre of Warsaw, is going to be replaced with a new one, which will contain a restaurant and a garden – Informs "Polska The Times”.

A new, glazed edifice which, as the previous one, will house a branch of bank. In addition, there will a coffeehouse, a restaurant, a small garden as well as a water cascade.  PKO BP’ authorities want to acquire a building permit this year and finalise the investment next year, before Euro 2012 – we learn as we read further.

Rotunda was opened in 1963. After a tragic explosion in February 1963, which killed 49 people and several hundred were injured, the building was rebuild. – reminds the daily. 

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