Drivers may register their cars with a wheel on the right side

A new ordinance enabling drivers to register their cars with a steering wheel mounted on the right side is coming into effect today. However, the legislator introduced several conditions.

According to the ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure and Development from 2nd July this year, a driver who would like to register their car with a wheel factory-made on the right side does not have to change the wheel's position. However, the owner of such a car will have to obey some rules. They will have to adjust brights to the right-hand road traffic, remake or change the speedometer which should point the values in kilometers (not miles) and correct the setting of mirrors.


One of the conditions of registration of a car coming from a country with a left-hand road traffic is a positive result of a survey, during which a diagnostician checks if all elements were adjusted – adds Bartłomiej Morzycki, chairman of organization called Partnership for Road Safety. – It is a one aspect which should not be problematic. I think that more problems result from using such a car, i.a. related to safety.  


Partnership for Road Safety points out that mainly national roads are not adjusted to the road traffic of cars with a right-hand wheel. In order to make a movement of overtaking on a one-lane street, a driver who sits on the right side will have a problem with a proper assessment of the situation. Moreover, almost the whole infrastructure (gates on motorways, entrances to car parks, service in drive thru restaurants etc.) is adjusted to the service of drivers sitting on the left side in Poland.   


Initially, it may be problematic to make servicing and diagnostics of a vehicle. There are many inadequacies because not all regulations are coherent – points out Bartłomiej Morzycki. – Diagnosticians alarm that some regulations – thanks to which they function – are not compatible with this new ordinance. I think that some things may be also noticeable in the process of registration.  


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