Renovation of the palace in Lubiechów

170 years old ruin which was bought in the spring needs a total renovation. Renovation works will last at least 5 years.

Palace in Lubiechów will turn into a holiday and remedial resort. Janusz Mazur, who bought the building in the spring, decided to do the renovation. Construction works are planned on at least 5 years.

A current condition of neoclassical palace is estimated as a ruin. There are no furnishing, floors or roof, some of walls are demolished. Due to that renovation of the building is a long-term and rich process. All works will be carried out under the control of provincial preservationist.

Manor house was built in 1835, in a spot of a noble residence. Alternation of the building was carried out at the end of 19th century. Due to those works, a building gained a new tier and a higher tower. Soviet Army stayed there after the war. Later, palace was used by State Agricultural Farm (PGR) until 1960-ties.

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