New investment of F5 company in Warsaw

American F5 company is going to open Technical Center Warsaw on the metropolitan market. It will be professionally engaged in customer service, safety services and development of products.

Technical Center Warsaw will be opened in the Warsaw Mokotów district and it will have a department of technical support as well as department of product development. Moreover, Security Operations Center – SOC F5 will be realized within the investment. It will offer services in the area of security and monitoring of threats in real time. This Center will complement the activity of Security Center in Seattle. Several dozen of qualified employees from the IT sector will find a job in the Warsaw investment.


The location of the Center in Poland resulted from i.a. convenient geographical location and access to highly qualified IT staff. Poland is known from ability to provide business safety conditions and creative environment for development. Therefore, it is attracting globally advanced technological companies even more effectively. Since now, Polish IT programmers will be responsible for innovative F5 solutions. Their unique abilities, which were gained on Polish technical universities, make that IT sector in Poland will be a smithy of technologically complex solutions. F5 will be functioning within the fastest developing economy of the European Union – says chairman of PAIiIZ Sławomir Majman.


We are glad that we will be able to extend our team of product development by Polish professionals. We need highly qualified people, our investment is not a simple call center – emphasizes Julian Eames, Deputy Chairman of F5 for issues related to business operations.  


F5 Networks is a deliverer of solutions for the world of applications and it supports entrepreneurs in scaling the cloud, data centers, telecommunication networks as well as software defined networking – SDN. 


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