FM Logistic with a new headquarters in Poland

Headquarters of FM Logistic
Headquarters of FM Logistic
A new headquarters of FM Logistic with the area of 4500 sq. m is going to be realized in Mszczonów. The investment will cost several million zlotys.

Polish headquarters of FM Logistic has been located on the area of a historical platform in Mszczonów so far (the city between Rawa Mazowiecka and Warsaw). A new building will be located in the neighborhood of the headquarters of Transport Międzynarodowy at Tarczyńska Street. The structure will hold 300 employees. Former offices of the board and crucial departments in the company will be occupied by department of national transport.


The planned commission of the investment is envisaged at the end of this year. Construction works are to be completed six months from the building of a cornerstone into the structure. The general contractor of the project is NG Concept – a company which is a member of FM Group. The total cost of this enterprise will amount to ca. 13 million zlotys.


FM Logistic has been functioning on the Polish market since 1995. It built the first platform in Mszczonów. The company is a leading logistic operator which has nine logistic centers in Mszczonów, Błonie, Parzniew, Tomaszów, Wolbórz, Wola Bykowska, Jarostach, Chorzów and Olszowa. Clients of the company are sales networks and producers of groceries, cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutic and everyday objects as well as cleaning products, high-tech and motor devices. FM Logistic hires ca. 2700 people in Poland.


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