Elevation of the X building owned by Tensor complex is already completed

Building X owned by Tensor complex
The first structure which is being realized within the Tensor complex owned by Euro Styl reached the shell closed level.

Another construction stage of the X building owned by Tensor complex was completed. It reached the shell closed level. Moreover, works at the building's elevation were also finished. The anti-humidity and thermal isolations were performed on the roof. Personal lifts were mounted. Internal daubing works were performed and concrete beds under the floor were emptied. The floor in the garage hall was also performed – enumerates Marcin Pacek, chairman of the project. At present, finishing works inside the building such as montage of partition walls, setting of plates on walls and floors, montage of blinds on the roof as well as montage of sanitary and electrical installations are being realized – adds Pacek.


The montage of floors, door carpentry and garage gate is planned in the nearest weeks. Furthermore, works at setting sanitary and electric installations will be continued. The structure will be given at tenants' disposal at the beginning of 2016.


The building of the second complex – building Y – is also being conducted right now. It reached the shell opened level. At present, works at elevation facades are being conducted. In accordance with the schedule, the commission of the structure is envisaged on the third quarter of 2016.


Tensor is being realized at Łużycka 8 Street in Gdynia. The complex will be composed of three buildings class A and it will offer 19 750 sq. m of lease area. The first structure will provide 4 960 sq. m to its tenants and the second one (building Y) – 8190 sq. m. There are such companies as Maersk Poland and Best SA among tenants of the structure X.


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