Study of programming in four weeks – why not?

The ending of the first edition of the Geek Academy program, pic Sii
The ending of the first edition of the Geek Academy program, pic Sii
The first edition of the Geek Academy educational program organized by Sii company was completed. The sponsor of this initiative was Olivia Business Center.

Participants of the academy have been gaining knowledge from the area of programming and testing for four weekend from the experts in Sii. The workshops were held on the area of the Olivia Business Center complex. The main objective of this initiative was to pass on practical skills to students which will allow them to start their career in IT.


Geek Academy is very efficient because it puts emphasis on passing practical skills which will be necessary in work as a computer programmer. Moreover, thanks to every-day activities and direct contact with participants – IT companies may identify people with big potential and desired competences in the industry such as ability to work in a team, quick adjustment of new knowledge and analytical thinking – says Tomasz Klamrowski, Service Delivery Director, Sii. The Sii company managed to achieve this effect after completion of Geek Academy – three participants were hired in department of the company in Gdańsk and five other graduates of the academy are taking part in currently conducted recruitment processes.


Except for the Geek Academy's initiative, there are also other programs on the area of Tricity like Code 2.0 or Infoshare Academy aimed at people who would like to learn how to program from the very beginning. These undertakings are response to high demand for experts from IT industry because there are still not many of them.


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