CA Immo builds a new office in Bucharest

CA Immo, which owns five office structures in Romania with the total lease gross area amounting to 106 000 sq. m, is starting realization of a new investment in Bucharest.

CA Immo started a realization of an office investment called Orhideea Towers in Bucharest in October this year. The structure will be located in the central and eastern part of the city. The value of the project will amount to 75 million euro and its completion is planned on 2017.


According to Marian Roman, managing director of CA Immo Romania, the office areas in Bucharest owned by the company have been almost totally rented within last years. Therefore, the decision about realization of Orhideea Towers was made.


The investment will offer 37 000 sq. m of lease gross area and two H-shaped towers will be realized within it. They will be connected with a bridge hidden by a glazed facade. The first structure of Orhideea Towers will have 13 floors and the second one – 17 floors. Moreover, a car park with 406 parking places will be realized in the underground parts of the buildings. Bicyclists will have a repository for bicycles as well as showers and changing rooms at their disposal. The Orhideea Towers project will be realized in accordance with the standards of CA Immo in the area of designing, technical specifications and criteria of sustainable development. The complex is going to receive a certificate in the LEED system at the Gold level.


CA Immo has another office in the neighborhood of structures which are currently being realized. It calls River Place. Among its tenants there are such companies as British American Shared Services Europe, Misys, Ipsos, CGS, Thales, UPc and PTC Eastern Europe. 


CA Immo is specialized in the area of office structures in the capitals of Central Europe. It manages investment properties on the area of Germany, Austria as well as Central and Eastern Europe. It also functions as a developer on crucial markets. The company started expansion on the area of Central and Eastern Europe in 1999 by purchasing properties in Hungary and Czech Republic. The company has been functioning in Poland since 2001.


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