New regulations enabling running a business

Amendment to an act about freedom of economic activity was approved by the Sejm. It was given to the President of Poland to signage on 5th October.

Amendment to an act about freedom of economic activity was handed over the President of Poland to signage on 5th October this year. The planned changes are aimed at e.g. simplification of administrative procedures concerning registrations, expunctions or rectifications in the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG). In result, the quickness and efficiency of entrepreneurs' service will be improved.


Simplification in application of regulations included in the act about freedom of economic activity as well as improvement of CEIDG are to influence on reduction in number of applications which require administrative proceeding and shortening of waiting time for actualization of registration. In result, several dozen thousand decisions and administrative resolutions less will be delivered to owners of companies in a year.   


The amendment will specify current regulations of the act which will be useful in e.g. providing high quality of data present in the record of entrepreneurs. It is important from the point of view of small and medium companies which gain information about contractors from CEIDG run by the Ministry of Economy.


The amendment will also introduce changes, the aim of which is to make data from the register available for free via the CEIDG search engine to all interested. The abolishment of fee for making data from the register available will enable equalization of public and commercial entities in the area of availability of information included in the register.


CEIDG has been functioning since 1st July 2011 and it allows to submit an application for starting a business activity and making some amendments in the register. According to the condition on 5th October this year, there are 2 069 903 active registrations in the register’s base.


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