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Elevation on the Central Station is replaced

Central Station in Warsaw - visualization
Central Station in Warsaw - visualization
PKP SA realized all works related to replacement of aluminum and glass elevation on the Central Station. Therefore, the final stage in the area of thermo-modernization of the building has been officially completed.

PKP SA realized all works related to replacement of aluminum and glass elevation on the Central Station. The replacement of elevation is being realized in order to improve the comfort of travelers who benefit from the Warszawa Centralna railway station as well as people employed in the structure. Thanks to the investment, the building will better maintain the level of heating in the winter period and it will not be so heated in the summer period. The cost of living will be also reduced – says Katarzyna Mazurkiewicz, press spokesman, PKP SA.


The appearance of a new woodwork refers to the original one, which was mounted on the Central Station in the 70's. It also meets all requirements in the area of existing safety regulations. Window panes are more resistant to mechanical failures. Furthermore, selective glass was used during the modernization, and thus it is possible to allow more exposure in the building at reduction of transmitting heat energy.


The aluminum and glass facade was replaced in the whole structure. Buma Factory owned by Buma Group was responsible for works at realization of the investment conducted in the „design and build” formula. The cost of the project amounted to ca. 8.4 million zlotys and it will be covered by means from the state budget and own resources of PKP SA.


The replacement of glass elevation is the final stage of the investment owned by PKP SA, whose main objective is to insulate the Central Station. Moreover, the company realized works at thermal isolation of the flat roof and it mounted the heating system in the main hall this year.


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