DOT Office complex will be larger!

DOT Office - building G (visualization)
DOT Office - building G (visualization)
Buma Group plans building of a new office within DOT Office complex. Building G will be erected at Czerwone Maki Street in Krakow.

Building G will be the smallest building within DOT Office complex. It will provide 4200 sq. m of office space with a commercial and service function on the ground floor. According to the investor, the new building will constitute a response to the needs of clients, who are searching for a small and made-to-measure building, but, on the other hand, a place which offers numerous facilitations for employees.


DOT Office complex offers ca. 45 000 sq. m of leasable space. It also provides such facilitations for tenants as restaurants, grocery, café, kiosk, or cash dispenser. Additionally, the investor plans to launch a medical clinic, fitness club and kindergarten in the future. There are relaxation zones between the buildings, which provide employees with an opportunity of relaxation surrounded by greenery. DOT Office is situated on the area of the Special Economic Zone “Krakow Technology Park.”


The construction of building G is to be completed in the second quarter of 2018. The investor envisages another office of the size amounting to 18 000 sq. m in the closest neighborhood, the building of which is to start in the third quarter of 2017.


Buma Group is an investor, developer, general contractor of the investment as well as a manager of the property. Buma has commissioned more than 180 000 sq. m of office space for over two decades of its business activity, including Buma Square, Onyx, Rondo Business Park, Quattro Business Park with building Five, Green Office, Aleja Pokoju 5, or DOT Office complex. At present, the construction works on Tertium Business Park and Wadowicka 3 at Wadowicka 3 Street are in progress. Additionally, the portfolio of Buma Group includes many residential investments.


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