Business trips – a good way for gaining new clients?

According to the research of Diners Club Poland, the customer acquisition process is considered as a matter of priority by nearly 60 per cent of micro, small and medium enterprises. Business trips are supposed to be helpful in that issue.

According to the research conducted by Diners Club Poland, the customer acquisition process is considered as a matter of priority by over 60 per cent of entrepreneurs from micro, small and medium companies. 23 per cent of them would like to concentrate on maintenance of existing portfolio of their clients – says Katarzyna Fatyga, CEO of Diners Club Poland. 


A business trip is one of the ways for gaining new clients. At present, such trips are organized by nearly a half of all respondents. In the case of entrepreneurs from medium companies, the percentage amounts to 92, whereas in the case of micro-enterprises – about 25 per cent. Business trips are organized once a week or more frequently in one third of companies and several times in month in every fourth company – says Katarzyna Fotyga. Such trips are also organized by 35 per cent of the surveyed representatives of companies once a month. The frequency of business trips mainly depends on the size of an enterprise as well as on the industry within which it functions.


Half of the respondents from the SEMs sector has a one employee who is responsible for organization of business trips. In the case of 45 per cent of companies, every single employed organizes such trips by use of their own means.


Cash is the most frequently practiced means of cost allocation in the case of delegations. Over 80 per cent of the surveyed companies declare that costs of business trips are paid by employees from their private means or from charged deposits which are then settled – explains Katarzyna Fatyga. Only 10 per cent of business trips are paid by service cards.


75 per cent of business trips concern company or private cars, 15 per cent concern travels by train and only 5 per cent are air travels – enumerates CEO, Diners Club Poland. In the case of duration of business trips, the respondents claim that they last about two days – in small and medium enterprises they last longer in comparison to micro-enterprises.


The survey titled „Business trips and condition of Polish companies” was conducted on the sample of 500 micro, small and medium companies functioning on the area of Poland. The report was ordered by Diners Club Poland and it was realized by the Institute for Market and Social Research.


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