Cloud and data centers – a way for development of IT market

The increasing demand for data centers and cloud will contribute to the increase of the whole IT market.

The increasing demand for data centers and cloud will stimulate development of the IT market. The growth potential of the market, especially concerning data centers, may be considered in two fields – says Tadeusz Czichon, Chairman of the Board, ATM SA, an operator of data centers. The first one is a general increase of demand for data centers and cloud, and the second one is catching up some backlog of Poland in comparison to other countires with more developed way of using IT services – adds Czichon.


According to the report of PMR „Cloud computing market in Poland 2015”, 17 per cent of native enterprises benefit from such solutions (by 4 per cent more in comparison to the previous year). The whole Polish cloud computing market recorded an increase by nearly 30 per cent in 2014, and it is forecasted that the upward tendency is going to be maintained.


In accordance with the PMR data, 64 per cent of the surveyed companies from the IT industry believe that the most dynamically developing segment of the market will be cloud computing. On the other hand, 39 per cent of the respondents pointed out data center, and nearly 50 per cent claim that it will be outsourcing services. The exercise of IT outsourcing is at the level of 20-25 per cent in Poland, whereas in developed countries – 80 per cent – explains Tadeusz Czichon. Therefore, the additional growth potential is more or less fourfold in that case – says Czichon.


Chairman of the Board in ATM SA claims that so far the biggest receivers of services of the company in such segments as data center and transmission have been clients from the financial and telecommunication sector. However, there are more and more commissions from the IT sector right now. We are observing more and more noticeable increase in demand for services among companies representing integrators of IT, companies delivering IT services or producing software. It is related to a trend of developing IT technologies into cloud solutions – explains Tadeusz Czichon.


Small and medium companies are becoming more and more interested in services offered in the area of data center and transmission sector. It is a group of clients with quite different needs in the area of our services. At the same time it is the part of our business which receives a great support from us, we want to develop it because it stabilizes our offer and our business – explains Tadeusz Czichon.


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