How often should we replace a company laptop with a new one?

Native companies replace their computer equipment every 2-5 years depending on its type. Most frequently they search for new devices and some advice concerning the purchase in the Internet.

Native companies replace their computer equipment every 2-5 years depending on its type. According to the Lenovo report titled „Computers in Polish SMEs 2015”, the main factors which are taken into consideration by companies while choosing new devices are quality (69 per cent of the respondents) as well as low price (67 per cent). Moreover, the general goodwill of a producer (37 per cent) and deliverer (20 per cent) is also important. The price is still a very important criterion for deciding on choosing of a certain offer. Therefore, over 54 per cent of the respondents claim that the knowledge about particular solutions and novelties about products is provided by price comparison engines – emphasizes Maciej Polak, PC business development manager in Lenovo. The same percentage of the surveyed companies believe that the best source of information about IT devices are online shops. Only every third respondent gets information from specialized online shops. The similar situation occurs in the case of rankings published in the Internet. 


All sources different from the network are also crucial. Among them the most important are recommendation from friends (42 per cent), technical press (38 per cent) as well as information from deliverers (33 per cent). A rarely used source of information about the Internet equipment is information gained during conferences and meetings (14 per cent) and blogs of IT experts (18 per cent).


While asking about criteria of choice concerning mobile equipment, the answer is very clear. 84 per cent of the respondents pointed out the weight of a device. It is a factor which decides whether the device is mobile or ultramobile in their terms. The users often pointed out the endurance of a battery and construction – says Maciej Polak.


The most frequently replaced device in companies functioning in the sector of SMEs are netbooks – averagely after more than 2 years of functioning. Notebooks/laptops are used about one year longer, whereas the time of using of stationary pecets is the longest one and it amounts to ca. 3.8. year. As the reason for replacement of equipment, the respondents pointed out destruction and usage of devices – respectively 73 per cent and over 40 per cent – emphasizes Maciej Polak. Much rarely it is an upgrade of a new software or necessity of purchasing new equipment for new employees. Such reasons were pointed out by 30-40 per cent of the respondents – adds Polak.


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