Aviation market with a double-figure increase

At present, the domestic market of air services is experiencing a dynamic increase. However, it is still far behind in comparison to the European leaders.

At present, the domestic market of air services is experiencing a dynamic increase. However, it is still far behind in comparison to the European leaders. The market of air services in Poland is still quite a young market and it develops very dynamically. The volatility rate of Poles does not exceed 1. Czech people travel almost twice more in comparison to Poles, not to mention about the EU countries where this rate amounts to 2-3 – says Member of the Board for Commercial Issues in Enter Air Andrzej Kobielski during the talk with the news organization Newseria Biznes. This rate indicates the number of travels in a given year in a particular country converted into the number of inhabitants. It means that there were almost 40 million travels on the Polish market – adds Kobielski.


According to data of the Civil Aviation Authority (ULC), the domestic airports serviced more than 23.7 million passengers in the period from the first to the end of the third quarter of 2015. Therefore, it indicates an increase by 13 per cent year-on-year. Over 30 million people were checked-in in last year. The record-breaking number of passengers was recorded by airports in e.g. Wrocław (increase by 11 per cent), Cracow (increase by 14 per cent) or Rzeszów (increase by 7.3 per cent). The record from 2014 was also beaten at the Warsaw airport – over 11 million of serviced passengers in 2015, that is by 0.5 million more than in the previous year. It is worth mentioning that the number of people who travel by planes will be dynamically increasing. In the segment of Enter Air, i.e. the segment of touristic travels, the number of travelers increases quicker in comparison to the market of all air services. It probably results from the fact that Poles travel more and more eagerly and they want to visit new countries – points out Andrzej Kobielski. 


According to data of ULC, the charter carriers recorded a 13-per-cent increase in traffic. The biggest number of passengers was serviced by Enter Air, however, the biggest quantitative increase was recorded by Small Planer Airlines and Travel Service.


According to the representative of Enter Air, the key factor on the domestic air transport market is price. The affluence of Poles and their tendency to spend money for other needs than the basic ones have the biggest impact on our incomes. Interestingly, air travels and holidays abroad are on the third place on the list of priorities in Poland. In Europe it is usually the fifth or the sixth place – explains Kobielski.


The situation in the segment of touroperators has also an impact on the condition of the aviation industry. As Andrzej Kobielski observes, this market is quite stable. The cutting edge of players, that is Itaka, TUI and Rainbow Tours, will still be leaders and they will develop structurally rather than by canvassing. We do not expect any mergers on the aviation market, however, they may occur on the foreign markets – points out the representative of Enter Air.


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