First building of DOT Office completed

DOT Office
DOT Office
The first building of the Cracow DOT Office complex, which is being realized at Czerwone Maki Street in the Ruczaj district, was completed and commissioned.

The first out of three buildings of the Cracow DOT Office complex – a project of the Buma Group which is being realized at Czerwone Maki Street in the Ruczaj district was completed and commissioned. It is worth mentioning that Shell Business Operations Cracow will move into the investment. The company rented 22 000 sq. m of office area in three buildings as well as additional space in the fourth office.


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A lease contract in the complex was also signed by Gastromall Group – the owner of Olimp brand which rented the area with the size of 260 sq. m.


DOT Office is a modern office complex which will be composed of five buildings placed collaterally to each other as a target. They will be marked with the letters A, B, C, D and E. The offices A, B and C, which are being realized in the build to suit system on the commission of a customer, offer jointly about 21 600 sq. m of space. Other structures will deliver about 19 100 sq. m of leased area with office and service function. The usable area in the building D will amount to 11 500 sq. m and 7600 sq. m in the building E. The offices D and E will have 5 aboveground tiers (4 floors and the ground floor) as well as one underground tier.


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