Hoteliers want to have exclusive beaches

Hoteliers of resorts on Kołobrzeg's coast proposed a motion of tenancy of parts of beaches to the City Officials.

Owners of hotels and guest houses envied West European resorts, where the highest class resorts have often part of the beach exclusive. Within initiative of Polish SPA Centre Kołobrzeg and Tourist and Health Regional Association (RSTU), local hoteliers proposed a motion of long-term tenancy of parts of Baltic beaches to the City Officials. Initial opinion is positive - quoted "Rzeczpospolita".

The newest concept of sectors' tenancy of the cost arise a lot of controversy. Firstly, every citizen has a guaranteed law of easiness of using sea nad beaches. Secondly, opponents of the concept said the beach in Kołobrzeg is very narrow in some places. Tourist are afraid that after conveyed parts of beaches, they could be practically turned off from usage. Overall fencing is impossible. The usual tourist will have a chance only of crossing the leased parts. Staying on the leased beach for people which wouldn't be hotel guests will be banned.

Hoteliers from Kołobrzeg support their opinion that, their main aim is to reach a standard and comfort equal to this which can be met in the world. If authorities of Kołobrzeg will lease beach, another authorities on the Baltic cost can face similar motions.

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