You can save money in the office

A trolley of basic stationery can be purchased by 40% less.

A trolley of basic stationery can be purchased by 40% less - results from "Products prices for the companies. PP trolley - where is the cheapest to equip the company in crucial materials (III quarter of 20111). Power Price company is responsible for compiling a factsheet - copartnership which runs a platform of trade exchange between producers or distributors of stationery, and final customers - quoted "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna".

Trolley of products was compiled on the basis of question analysis and orders placed by a typical company. In its composition you can find stationery such as (pads, acetates, plastic folders, paper, highlighters, fine-tip felt pens) as well as cyclically ordered teas and washing-up liquid. In analysis, Power Price took into a consideration offers of main suppliers of materials i.a. Office Depot, Makro Cash and Lyreco. Auction portal Allegro adjoined to them, on which many enterprisers buy essential products.

As analysis of materials and supplies costs show: the cheapest offer has an internet platform. It can also be noticed that Makro Cash is just behind them, and it offers prices higher of about 80-100zł. However, in case of Office Depot and Lyreco a trolley was more expensive by over 200zł.

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