Best locations for BPO by Tholons

Cracow is still on the 9th position, Warsaw – 5 places higher, and Wrocław – 4 places higher – it is how the situation of domestic cities looks like in accordance with the newest ranking of Tholons which analyzes the best locations for the BPO industry in the world.

Cracow has been on the 9th position in the prestigious ranking of Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations for three years. The ranking analyzes the best locations for the BPO industry in the world. Two other domestic cities in the comparison – Warsaw and Wrocław – were respectively 5 and 4 places higher. The capital of Little Poland has managed to enhance its position in the ranking by only 3 placings since 2011, whereas the capital city – by 13 placings. Wrocław is the quickest city that moves up the ranks as the best location for BPO in the country – it has got promoted by 26 places within 5 years.


There are no spectacular changes in the first tenth cities in the ranking in comparison to the last year's edition. The Indian Cebu and Philippian Pune were replaced on the 7th and 8th position, whereas Dublin is 10th once again. A leader in the comparison is still Bangalore in Indie called Silicon Valley. The second place belongs to the Asian city Manila, and the cutting edge closes Bombay. The greatest promotion in the ranking is recorded by such cities as Warsaw (from 30th to 25th), Belfast (from 43rd to 38th) and Glasgow (from 64th to 59th), as well as Wrocław (from 62nd to 58th) and Cork (from 65th to 61st). The biggest decline may be observed in the case of Istanbul (decline by 10 positions from the 74th place to 84th), Moscow (from 56th to 64th), Chinese Shenzhen (from 17th to 21st) and Xian (from 61st to 65th).


The ranking conducted by Tholons is an international study that is treated by the majority of media, consulting companies and industry associations as a map for development of new BPO companies in the following year.


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