We know details of investment in Katowice

TDJ Estate – investor of .KTW office project which is to be realized next to famous Spodek – revealed details of the investment.

TDJ Estate – investor of .KTW office project which is to be realized next to famous Spodek – revealed details of the investment. Two offices .KTW I and .KTW II will be realized within the newest project. First of them will reach 66 meters and it will be composed of 14 floors, whereas the second structure – 133-meter-high building – will have 31 tiers. The investment will offer 61 800 sq. m of commercial space. Moreover, tenants of the buildings will benefit from 626 parking places.


The solid of .KTW may be associated with a surrounding building of the Silesian Museum, the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra and the International Congress Center, set one on the other and quite shifted against each other. Taking the symbolic sphere into consideration, it refers to the Silesian ethos of work characterized by conscientiousness, honesty and modesty. It is not classically beautiful and nothing in it was created for show, however, it expresses a certain idea and fantasy – says Łukasz Zagała, Co-Founder of Medusa Group.


While designing .KTW offices, we paid special attention to the role of surrounding and neighboring structures. Our goal was not to create buildings competing with "Spodek". In order to pay respect to this icon of Katowice, we decided to totally resign from solutions based on the section of a circle, ellipsis or soft lines. Their application in our architectural concept could lessen its uniqueness. The factor that certainly connects both buildings is the moving beyond passing trends, which allows the building to last in time and remain modern, no matter of a decade – says Przemo Łukasik, Co-Founder of Medua Group.


The realization of .KTW offices is the evidence for TDJ Group of effectiveness concerning development strategies on the new market. We want this project to become one of the economic symbols of Upper Silesia and Zagłębie. We believe that it is an important impulse for economic development of that area confirming its actual potential – says Maciej Wójcik, Chairman of the Board of TDJ Estate. We have been conducting initial talks with potential tenants on .KTW for several months, however, we could not reveal any details because of the fact that the project has not been presented officially yet – adds Wójcik.


The project will be realized in two stages. Moreover, the investment will be realized in accordance with the BREEAM certification considering such factors as energy consumption, innovativeness, impact of applied solutions and materials on health and work comfort of users. Construction works will start at the turn of the second and third quarter of 2016. The first building – .KTW I – is to be realized within two years.

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