Office consistent with authorial strategy of work environment

Conference room
JLL moved into a new office located in Warsaw Spire. The agency is going to consolidate all its Warsaw departments in the new registered office.

Employees of the consulting department of JLL Poland moved into a new office located in Warsaw Spire at the end of May. The agency is going to consolidate all its Warsaw departments in the new registered office.


The new office of JLL was realized in accordance with the authorial strategy of work environment. The starting point for consideration of a new shape of our office was defining what is actually the value of our organization as well as putting emphasis on such spatial and technological solutions that could favor the best quality of work. We wanted to create a work place that is friendly to employees, supports productivity or creativity and reflects the „spirit of the company”. Except for universal criteria concerning office space, we were concentrated on quality of space, its proper use and design. Workplace Strategy, that is devising a strategy of work environment, is one of many services that we offer to our clients – says Tomasz Trzósło, Managing Director of JLL in Poland. This service is becoming more and more popular in Poland – the number of companies that analyze their work environments and properly modify requirements is still increasing. We decided on the full analysis of work environment and thus we totally changed our office trying to both adjust it to the needs of employees and enhance communication, productivity as well as cooperation. I believe it worked – adds.


JLL conducted the whole process of analysis concerning optimization of work environment, which consisted in e.g. survey of using space, survey of efficiency of work place or interviews with management staff. We devised a new arrangement of office, taking styles of operation, new set of work posts as well as functions and location of particular departments into consideration. We created space adjusted to both teamwork in the area of own department and design work with people from different departments or work in total concentration – says Regina Gul, Senior Project Manager, who is responsible for Workplace Strategy of JLL.


There are 15-20 rooms of different size on each floor of the new office of JLL, including e.g. work posts for work in concentration, creative rooms and rooms for internal meetings. Employees may also benefit from big kitchens with high and low tables as well as armchairs and soft ottomans. Moreover, there are several libraries, so called quiet zones, in the new registered office. Designers created a place called "Town Hall". It is a big zone intended for rest, relax or celebration of successes, whereas a special customer zone with 13 conference rooms was realized on 30th floor. The biggest four ones may be joined in order to create a conference zone for 100 people. Interestingly, the new office was undergone the BREEAM certification process.


Tetris – a company from JLL Group – was responsible for arrangement of interiors and performance of construction works, whereas Department of Project Management of JLL conducted an analysis of work environment and managed the process of finishing interiors.

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