Great Britain says no to the EU

According to the official results of the EU referendum concerning exit of Great Britain from the European Union which was held on 23rd June, almost 52 per cent of Britons decided to leave the Community.

According to the official results of the EU referendum concerning exit of GB from the EU which was held yesterday (23rd June), almost 51.9 per cent of Britons (17.4 million) decided to leave the Community and 48.1 per cent (16.1 per cent) voted in favor of staying in the EU. It means that the European Union will face a historical moment – one of its members will leave the Community for the first time in history.


Although we already know the decision made by voters, undoubtedly we will experience a period of uncertainty. Enterprises, financial markets and political class in GB, Europe and all over the world will have to face a completely new reality. This decision will have an impact not only on the situation in GB – third largest country in the EU in respect of population. We are in the face of unprecedented changes, to which all markets and sectors of our industry will have to adjust. One is certain: there are some chances no matter of circumstances. We will find out in the upcoming weeks and months – says John Gorrester, General Director of Cushman & Wakefield in the EMEA region.


Below we present the results in particular regions:

  • England – 53.4 per cent pro exit and 46.6 per cent against exit
  • Northern Ireland – 44.2 per cent pro exit and 55.8 per cent against exit
  • Scotland – 38 per cent pro exit, 62 per cent against exit
  • Wales – 52.5 per cent pro exit, 47.5 per cent against exit


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