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Worktime shortened by… the heat

The heat can contribute to shortening of worktime (pic pixabay.com)
The heat can contribute to shortening of worktime (pic pixabay.com)
Increasing temperature will have a negative impact on GDP in 43 countries. The heat can contribute to shortening of worktime in the poorest regions of the world.

According to the report conducted by Health and Environment International Trust, the heat can have a negative impact on GDP in 43 countries, especially in the Asian countries. Hence, GDP in China is estimated to decrease by 1 per cent by the end of 2030, whereas in Thailand, Malesia, Philippines or India – by ca. 6 per cent. Such declines caused by high temperature can bring significant changes in the economies of countries from other continents. Negative prognoses concern also Mexico (the decline of GDP can amount to 4 per cent), Nigeria or Ghana (GDP is to drop by ca. 7 per cent). According to data of ONZ, the world economy may incur costs amounting to more than 2 billion USD because of these changes.


The heat contributed to shortening of worktime by 15-20 per cent in the Southern and Eastern Asia. According to the report published by Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, the amount of working hours is to decrease by even 40 per cent in this particular region in accordance with the progressing climate change by the end of 2050.


The increasing temperatures also contribute to much lower efficiency of employees. In richer countries, employers adjust workplaces to climate change more easily because they have enough means for such actions.


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