"Smile" on Monday

Visualization of "The Smile"
The interior of "The Smile" - visualization
It is worth remembering about smile while waking up in the morning. We present the main attraction of this year’s edition of London Design Festival, that is the installation called "The Smile".

The wooden construction called "The Smile" will be exhibited from 17th September till 12th October at Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground in Chelsea College of Arts. Its author is Alison Brooks. Moreover, Arup and American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) cooperated at this project.


Projects presented within the exhibition are one of the key attractions at London Design Festival. They are always presented in public places and their scale makes that they attract many people – says Ben Evans, Director of London Design Festival.


The construction is of the size amounting to 3.5 x 4.5 x 34 m and it is made from panels of hardwood glued in layers. "The Smile" is bent and rectangular. Its empty interior will be available for visitors.


All walls of the interior of "The Smile" are made from beautiful panels of American tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipfera) of the same size. It will enable sensual experience full of color, texture, smell and sound. Two open ends of the installations lighten up its interior and they also perform a role of balconies with the view of the surrounding city – Alison Brooks describes her work.


The architects applied perforation which will enable vent of tension and compression powers which work in the plates made from hardwood (CLT) glued in layers. Perforation was also performed along the walls so that daylight could get there and create different patterns on the floor. The interior of the installation will be lightened up with light panels during the night.


"The Smile" is the most difficult construction that has even been built from wood glued in layers. This natural material was used in every possible aspect. It perfectly reveals the true potential and spectrum of possible applications of the American hardwood in construction – says Andrew Lawrence, Director of Arup.


London Design Festival is an event dedicated to design as well as model manufacture. It has been organized since 2003 and it currently constitutes one of the biggest festivals dedicated to design in the world. It is held on 17th-25th September this year and there will be more than 400 events and installations envisaged within the program.


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