What matters in the industry are both knowledge and innovativeness

Contractors expect increase in demand (pic Warsaw Build)
Contractors expect increase in demand (pic Warsaw Build)
Both knowledge and innovativeness constitute the base for private commissions in the construction industry. Contracts of the public sector, however, are still mainly based on the price.

The forecasts for the Polish construction industry are differentiated. According to the estimates of Building Radar, this sector may increase by more than 10 per cent by the end of 2020. Therefore, it may achieve similar development dynamics to the Portuguese one. On the other hand, the beginning of 2016 resulted in worse economic situation, on which stock market investors have quickly reacted. After more than 30 per cent increase in markings of the subindex WIG – Construction in 2015, the rating of stock exchange companies dropped by ca. 13 per cent in the first half of 2016. The future of the industry is open to question due to the transitional period between expiration of the old and commencement of the new pool from the European Union. The struggle of certain entities for survival may also lead to deepening of price dumping. However, we should remember that public commissions are mainly based on the price. Both know-how of the contractor and untypical approach at realization of each design have increasing importance in the private sector – emphasizes Jan Hertmantowski, organizer of the international trade fair and meetings of the installation and heating industry Aquatherm Warsaw.


An important role in respect of modern investments is played by contractor’s innovativeness and unconventional approach. Experts have to constantly increase their skills, not only in the context of technological solutions but also in business – says Jan Hertmanowski. The answer to these needs is a special thematic panel, which is to be devoted to changing requirements of commissioners during the Warsaw Aquatherm Trade Fair in November.


The International Warsaw Aquatherm Trade Fair will be held for the second time in Warsaw. The event is a professional platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences of representatives of HVAC with contractors from all over the world. It is the associating event to the Fourth International Construction and Interior Fair Warsaw Build. In the nearest years, the construction tenders are to be won by practical solutions and those which attract with their design and enhance the value of realized projects. The examples of such solutions are to be presented during this year’s edition of Warsaw Build and Aquatherm Warsaw – say the organizers.


International Construction and Interior Fair Warsaw Build and International Aquatherm Warsaw Fair, conducted in the B2B formula, are to be held on 16th – 18th November this year in EXPO XXI Warsaw. The entrance fee to the fair, all panels and working shops is free after earlier registration.


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