Citizens of Cracow have to wait.

On the 11th of January Wojewodzki Sad Administracyjny (Supreme Administrative Court) adjourned the case of ‘szkieletor’ which was to decide on its future.

Supreme Administrative Court has adjourned the case of ‘szkieletor’ which was to decide on its future. The reason for such a decision was an oversight of the court concerning lack of information about the case sent to the neighbours of the investment. The date of the next trial is unknown.

A beginning of the investment this year was dependent on the decision of the court from the 11th January.  Now GD&K has to postpone its plans for the next few years unless the cassation appeal in Supreme Administrative Court doesn’t bring any results.

It is worth to mention that in July last year the consent to demolish part of the building was given. The works were to begin in December however Supreme Administrative Court repealed the decision due to procedural errors made by clerks and  between  ‘good neighbour’ rule and the works.

According to the concept of Marek Dunikowski, co-owner of DDJM, the 10m higher building is surrounded by smaller buildings. The complex is to contain offices, a hotel, a store and a restaurant. Its most important part would be Piazza boulevard  heading towards Rondo Mogilskie. 

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