9th edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in OBC

Olivia Business Center - panorama
Olivia Business Center - panorama
The Global Entrepreneurship Week is held on 14-20 November. It is an international project promoting conscious development and active approach to business initiatives. Numerous events are to be organized in Olivia Business Center within the ninth edition.

What is the concept of introvert coaching and what is hidden behind it? What to do to attract potential investors with your idea? What are the most important rules concerning donations and realization of projects financed from the European funds? These are only some of many subjects which are to be discussed during the events organized in Olivia Business Center within the 9th Global Entrepreneurship Week.


One more time Olivia Business Center proved to be a center for both business and non-business inspiration. The Global Entrepreneurship Week in OBC envisages minimum two events per day. The schedule includes 15 workshops, training courses, network sessions and presentations organized by both residents of Olivia Business Center and external partners. For instance, two-day Venture Day, a special initiative aimed at building relations between representatives of venture capital funds, private equity, scientists, start-ups, etc. is to be organized within the week – says Agnieszka Zglinicka, Olivia Business Center.


The calendar of events is very diversified. The list of hosts includes e.g. the Pomerania Development Agency, the Talent Development Center, the Municipal Public Library in Gdańsk, the o4 co-working zone and Olivia Business Center.


OBC is occupied by global corporations, companies of the MSP sector, local government and non-government organizations, representatives of universities or intermediate schools. We care about such heterogeneousness, because it is easier to gain inspirations and non-standard look at the business. Additionally, it is easier to build relations, exchange information, overcoming difficulties, and, of course, developing your own enterprise, no matter of its size or subject of business activity – Agnieszka Zglinicka adds.  


Venture Day 2016 perfectly fits this concept. The event is held within the Global Entrepreneurship Week (17-18 November). This special initiative is aimed at creation of unique space for exchanging information, sharing with your experience and establishing lasting contacts among people connected with innovations – representatives of VC, CVC and private equity funds, employees of departments as well as research and development centers, entrepreneurs, scientists, start-ups and representatives of corporations. 


The full calendar of the events organized in Olivia Business Center within the Global Entrepreneurship Week.


The Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international project, which has been organized since 2008 in 160 countries all over the world. Organizations, institutions and companies which take care about development of entrepreneurship organize free training courses, workshops and competitions every November. They are aimed at gaining knowledge in the area of establishing and developing your business activity, developing start-ups, building your own brand, etc. This year’s edition is held on 14-20 November under the banner of "Entrepreneurship is good". The leitmotif of the event is a social aspect of business – social entrepreneurship, CSR and social start-ups.


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