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3rd European Quality Congress - logo
3rd European Quality Congress - logo
Would you like to find out what is the key to company’s success, or how to be inspired to further actions, how to manage risk and how to secure a higher quality of your life? Meet with the best business managers during the 3rd European Quality Congress!

Only 4 days are left to the 3rd European Quality Congress. The organizer of this event is Qualitas Foundation, which has been engaged in supporting the idea of quality and good business practices for 12 years. The Congress is the crowning of the Foundation's project which promotes quality – QUALITY OF THE YEAR® Certificate. This certificate is granted to companies, organizations as well as scientific and research institutions, whose products, services and solutions are characterized by high quality.


The European Quality Congress will once again integrate the representatives of the business and the scientific environments from all over Poland. The introductory speech will be performed by Kamil Durczok. The main part of the event will consist of thematic panels, discussions and case study. The group of performers will include the representatives of Atlas Group, IBM, ZIPP, Rekopol, Sądeckie Wodociągi, Cartrac Poland, LEK-AM Pharmaceutical Company, DEKRA, KAIZEN Institute Poland, Quality Austria-Poland, Quality Austria and European Organization for Quality. Two business trainers – Magdalena Robak and Jacek Masłowski – will run their own panels.


The Congress is a good occasion to discuss subjects related to establishing quality culture in organization, taking care of quality of life capital as well as novelties and trends in this area. The Laureates of the QUALITY OF THE YEAR® Certificate are to receive statuettes and certificates after the theoretical part.


The 3rd European Quality Congress under the heading "Quality in Practice" will be held on 28 March this year in Monopol Hotel in Katowice. The participation in this event is free, however, a prior registration is required. All details are available here: 3rd European Quality Congress.


The event will be held under the honorary patronage of the President of the City of Katowice, the Silesian Voivodship Marshall Office, the European Organization for Quality, the Polish Economic Society, the Polish Committee for Standardization, the Employers of Poland, the COBRO Packaging Research Institute and the Polish Chamber of Commerce. The substantive patrons will be: DEKRA, KAIZEN Institute Poland, ISO 9000 Polish Forum Club and Quality Austria-Poland. The patrons of the Congress will be: Public PR Creative Agency, Quendi, John Lemon, Masculinum Foundation, Monopol Hotel, Impact Photo and “Ogródek Dziadunia”. Additionally, the group of media patrons will include: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Quality Today, Lean Center, Problemy Jakości, Law Business Quality, ceo.com.pl, radio eM, Silesion.pl, Europerspektywy, Katowice.24.info, radio Silesia, TVS, e-biurowce.pl, hrpolska.pl, biuro-kreacja.info, Polskie Radio Katowice and Gazeta Wyborcza. 


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