You will not even notice you’re journey home

Future employees of an 8 storey tall office building which is to replace DH Spolem will be able to get to the underground station without even going outside.


8 storey tall office building made of glass and steel is to replace 4 storey tall Sezam shopping centre. Inside it there will be one of 5 exits from ‘Swietokrzyska’ underground station. Project of the building has already been consulted in great detail with the project of the second line of underground railway. – says ‘Zycie Warszawy’.

The investment is to be realized by Spolem WSS Srodmiescie and Juvenes – the developer.  According to the already accepted plan, the front façade is bo be shaped as a letter ‘S’ to symbolize the name ‘Spolem’. Commercial, gastronomy and service space is to be located from -1 to 1 floor.  The remaining levels are supposed to be office space. The building works are to begin between 2012 and 2013. The old Sezam building from 1969 must be demolished first, however the heritage conservator has already agreed to that.

The exit from the underground station is to be located on the ground floor in the commercial part of the building. One of the building’s floors is to be located right above the stairs to the underground.

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