The Americans are keen on investing in Poland.

40 out of 149 foreign investments realized by PAlilZ are financed by the Americans


PAIiIZ (Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych S.A.) has informed that it currently conducts 149 foreign investment projects worth  5047 million EUR in total. Thanks to those investments, 35 637 jobs will probably be created. The most amount of capital comes from the USA.

The Americans have invested 1.11 billion EUR in 40 projects in Poland which will cause 8847 jobs to be created. The investors from Great Britain do 16 projects worth 259 million EUR (2839 jobs), 13 projects are financed by investors from Germany,  10 – from China, 8 – from Japan and France, and there are 6 projects from India.

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