Tremend: New Head Office

Tremend: Head Office (pic Yassen Hristov)
Tremend specializes in interior design of commercial buildings. Its architects have just arranged their new head office.

The project of the new head office of Tremend is inspired by industrial style. The architects have decided to keep the raw concrete and brick in some places, which are now painted in bright colors. There are different shades of gray in the interiors, which fit a deep wallpaper and leitmotif, that is a blue mural with crossed golden lines. The interior is complemented with furniture and accessories that refer to those used in the old factories or taken from similar interiors. The example is the table with a leg from the old sewing machine from Łódź.

In order to visually warm up the raw atmosphere of industrial interiors, such materials as copper and bright wood are used, for instance, to perform tabletops or racks. The wood is also used to perform some fragments of walls and ceilings. A cozy ambience is provided by plants; a part of the wall at the reception is covered with moss and there are natural compositions placed in glass vessels, which refer to the environmental movement.

There are also conference halls and meetings places in the new head office, which are separated from each other through glazed panels. Rooms for particular groups have doors made from the same material, whereas places for common work are divided by the architects by racks, where books or plants in vessels are placed.

The entire composition is characterized by cohesion. For instance, white armchairs resewed with a blue thread correspond to the leitmotif. The paintings on walls and photographs refer to important figures from the world of architecture, emphasizing the nature of the business activity of Tremend, which mainly specializes in interior design of hotels and public spaces.


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