Mała Pasta filled with tenants

Mała Pasta (Piękna 19), source:
Lobby in Piękna 19, source:
Mała Pasta, a small office in a modernized tenement house of a former Polska Agencja Spółki Telefonów, gained a set of new tenants, including the institution of United Nations Organization.

The decision about renting office areas in Mała Pasta was made by United Nations Regional Information Center in Warsaw, which is responsible for a social communication concerning initiatives taken up by United Nations Organization, as well as OKW legal office, which provides services in Polish, English and Dutch languages. Moreover, Brand & Design Delikatessen agency, which functions in Warsaw and Hamburg, Poznań GPD advertisement agency, and editorial office of K MAG magazine will have their offices at Piękna 19 Street.


The modernistic tenement house at Piękna 19 Street was designed by Józef Napoleon Czerwiński for Polska Akcyjna Spółka Telefonów, which has been functioning in the years 1936-1938. Last year, BI Investment Trust conducted adaptation of the building to the office needs in accordance with a project of Maciej Myszkowski. At present, the structure has some elements of a pre-war architecture, including decoration referring to modernism and art deco, however, there are also some modern technological solutions (air conditioning, elevator or technical floors) applied in the structure which enable freely arrangement of areas to the tenants. 


A 5-tier tenement house is situated near to Plac Konstytucji and offers ca. 2400 sq. m. The tenants of the building may benefit from 12 parking places which are located on the area of the property. The exclusive agent of the investment is Kancelaria Brochocki.

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