How To Improve Hygiene Practices In Your Workplace?

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We spend long hours in our workplace every day. In that time, we are in constant contact with other people and places which literally abound in bacteria. If we want to prevent infections, we have to remember about the importance of hygiene in the office.

Hygiene In Workplace Is A Must-Have

Winter is a period of increased influenza and cold. The frequent reason for many infections are dirty hands. The infenctions are often spread by close contact, for instance, by a handshake. Therefore, washing hands is especially important in places where we have a contact with many people, such as offices or schools. Unfortunately, there are still some people who do not wash their hands after using a toilet. In large groups of people, some of them often suffer from infections, which leads to bacteria in the workplace and then to different diseases. The employees should have an opportunity of washing their hands, especially before a meal or after using a toilet. Various organizations engaged in environment protection emphasize that washing hands is the best method to take care of your health.



As we transfer a lot of bacteria on our hands, it is worth remembering that they occur on the furniture we touch. Unfortunately, we cannot judge with the naked eye how many germs occur on the everyday objects, and the ones which are seemingly clean can be a hotbed of many bacteria. A lot of people have a contact with such objects in the office as door handles, buttons in the elevator, phones, or kettles, thus the risk of germs is very high. Hence it is crucial to remember about habits connected with hygiene, for instance, cleaning a desk or washing hands after using some office devices.



It is worth pointing out the open space offices where employees often sit next to each other and use the same desks (especially in companies with hot desking system, which consists in the lack of permanent places assigned to concrete people) or other elements of office equipment. According to the research1, the more collective use of office equipment, the bigger difficulty with the maintenance of hygiene. It is worth pointing out that over 60% of the employees who work in open space offices are concerned with the level of hygiene in their workplaces2. The employers should therefore provide their employees with easier cleaning of working space, hygiene and hand disinfection. This is a chance to limit the risk of contracting with different viruses which are transferred on our hands and office equipment.


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