Bathroom: How To Deal With Heavy Traffic

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It is a real challenge to provide easy and convenient access to clean bathroom in places with heavy traffic. Fortunately, there are some helpful solutions to this problem.

One of the essential tasks of entities responsible for managing investments with heavy traffic is providing easy and convenient access to clean bathroom. Toilets in shopping malls, office buildings, stadiums, airports or concert halls make good hygiene maintenance really difficult. There is one fundamental rule concerning places with heavy traffic: the more people, the better business. A satisfied guest is of precious value and bathroom has a direct impact on it. According to some research, every third person who avoids using a bathroom limits the amount of consumed food and drink. Such approach may have a negative impact on business as crowded places benefit from high incomes from sales of snacks and beverages – says Wioletta Broda, Senior Product Manager at Essity.

How To Maintain Good Hygiene In Crowded Toilets

People who use toilets in public places with heavy traffic expect them to be hygienic and clean. How to meet their expectations? Selection of the right hygienic products is of great importance in this matter. They should provide maximum efficiency. What is more, they should be convenient to use for cleaning personnel.



Hand-driers are currently more often replaced with paper towels in toilets located in places with heavy traffic. It results from saving time. People who use hand-driers need at least 45 seconds to dry their hands whereas paper towels allow them to save time even up to 35 seconds.

However, this is not the only reason for replacing hand-driers with paper towels. Interestingly, hand-driers increase the risk of polluting toilets more than any other solution as they spread bacteria on the users in the air. According to the survey published by the Journal of Infection1, there are 27 times more germs around hand-driers in comparison to paper towel dispensers. What is more, customer preferences are also important. According to the research conducted by ETS (European Tissue Symposium), 9 out of 10 people visiting toilets prefer paper towels instead of hand-driers.2

Crowded Toilets: Solution

The example of brand that decided to meet expectations of customers is Tork. The company devised a technology for drying hands which is called Tork PeakServe®. This system may be installed in places with heavy traffic. Thanks to quick dosing, hands may be dried in only 3 seconds. The system does not only make taking the paper towel easier but it is also convenient to use; filling the dispensers is very quick and lasts long. Thanks to the bind compression, the dispenser holds over 2000 towels, that is 250% more towels in comparison to standard dispenser.3




2 ETS Survey – European Tissue Symposium

3 In comparison to the Tork Universal refills and towel dispenser 552000


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