i2 Development builds three office investments in Wrocław

Twelve office
Nowy Alexanderhaus
Developer i2 Development is going to realize three office investments: Twelve, Nowy Alexanderhaus and The Place in the very heart of the city center in Wrocław. The building of all structures is being conducted simultaneously.

i2 Development – a developer who has been realizing mainly residential investments so far – is going to build three office structures class A in the city center of Wrocław. The offices will be realized within a business strategy that envisages two-track development of the group concerning conducting construction projects in the proportion: 75 per cent of residential investments and 25 per cent of commercial investments.


Construction of all buildings is being conducted simultaneously. The tenant will have had office areas in the building Twelve offering ca. 2000 sq. m, in the office Nowy Alexanderhaus offering ca. 2600 sq. m, and a small structure The Place with the size of 700 sq. m. at their disposal by the end of this year.


Twelve is being realized on the last available plot at one of the most busy pedestrians streets in Wrocław – Oławska Street. Nowy Alexanderhaus and The Place are being realized within the investment of i2 Development – Bulwar Staromiejski, i.e. an urbanistic complex located on the area between Jana Pawła II Square, Wszystkich Świętych Street, old town moat and the Oder river.


Moreover, i2 Group has more attractive plots, a great part of which will be intended for other commercial investments. Construction works at their realization will start this year.


i2 Development is a group of companies realizing residential and commercial projects in Wrocław. In 2012 the general contractor KPB Sp. z o.o. joined the developer i2 Development Sp. z o.o. whereas in 2014 the group was extended by an architectural studio – Chamielec Architekci Sp. z o.o. Formally, the companies constitute i2 Development Group from last year. They conduct residential and commercial investments in the very heart of the city center of Wrocław. The special-purpose company Concept Sp. z o.o. is responsible for realization of projects of interiors.


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