Gdańsk Shipyard Management: Revitalization

The building of the Gdańsk Shipyard Management is mainly associated with social and political events of the Solidarity movement, struggle for shipyard workers’ rights and values. Thanks to the owner’s efforts – Imperial Shipyard Development company – the investment will restore its former glory.

Gdańsk Shipyard Revitalization: First Phase

The building of the Gdańsk Shipyard Management was erected in 1878. It’s been thoroughly modified and developed over the years. The acts of war have partially destroyed it. The renovation will be the first phase of the revitalization of the Imperial Shipyard. The whole project will concern 16 ha of post-shipyard areas in Gdańsk.

The revitalization of the Gdańsk Shipyard Management is the first complex renovation carried out inside and outside the investment. The project was coordinated by the experts of the preservation of monuments; they've cleaned the historical bricks, repaired and restored window and door woodwork, installed an elevator, as well as applied modern heating, ventilation and fire systems. There is also a clock restored to the building’s tower. The undertaken works were carried out to restore the former architecture and richness of interiors, giving new spacious functions.

The building of usable size amounting to 4000 sqm will mainly perform an office function. The revitalization process consisted in increasing the standard of the building. The investment is adjusted to smaller companies and start-ups. The functional setting is designed in such a way to favor establishing human relations.


Gdańsk Shipyard Management Building Isn’t Only An Office Space

There are also other divided zones in the building of the Gdańsk Shipyard Management such as relaxation zone, conference halls, café, or co-shared kitchenettes. The designers took into consideration such factors as the organization of exhibitions, conferences and different types of events. The co-working space is located on the two highest floors (they haven’t been developed before the revitalization).

There are already first tenants who lease space in the investment such as companies from the design and IT industry. The commissioning is envisaged for Q3 2020. Finishing works are currently being carried out in the building.


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