An intimate office building in Mokotow.

A modern 5 - storey office building is being built in Mokotow New City complex in Warsaw.

The New City office building is to consist of 5 storeys – 4 above the ground level and an underground car park with a car wash. Unlike many other commercial buildings in Warsaw this one will have a unique intimate character.

An underground car park and a number of  other conveniences will be at disposal of employees of the companies which will rent offices in this building. The parking will be connected with the rest of the building by an underground floor. Each floor will be 1000 sq. meters therefore an overall office space in the building will be 4000 sq. meters. The potential users of the real estate will be able to rent office space as small as 200 sq. meters.

The investment is located between four very important streets of Warsaw: Marynarska, Rzymowskiego, Wilanowska, Woloska (you can access the real estate from 3 sides – Postepu St., Cybernetki St. or Marynarska St.).

A 9 sq. meter hall in the central part of the building is destined to be a business lobby.  A coffe shop and catering will allow tenants to organize large meetings and other business events on  800 sq. meters of space.

The building is probably going to be ready to use by the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. The investor is ECI group – Europejskie Centrum Inwestycyjne. The owner counts on long term contracts of lease with 10 up to  20 clients from various branches of business, mostly from international companies.

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