Lay offs in Netia

The CEO of Netia Mirosław Godlewski has stated that he is going to lay off 519 people and change labour contracts of 129 employees in June.

We are merging three companies into one. That means an overgrowth of employees and therefore a necessity to reduce the amount of workers – explains Miroslaw Godlewski.  After Netia had taken over Dialog and Crowley Data Poland in December 2011, it has been employing over 3000 people.

The decision concerning dismissing over 500 employees is a continuation of layoffs. Firstly the company dismissed managing staff and higher rank workers. Currently it is time for specialists and first line employees. The information about reduction of employment and changes in contracts was launched a month ago.

The board assures that employees who had been laid off can count on support in finding a new job. The CEO of Netia clearly states that the dismissed workers will receive material and advisory help:  We will prolong insurances of all the workers by 12 months with a possibility to continue the insurance also for their families.

Apart from the help already claimed the workers may count on additional financial help:  Those statutory are very good because in case of experienced  employees the severance is an equivalent of 6 month salary. For those highly experienced who will struggle to find a new job we will provide another 10 thousand zlotys for the time of unemployment – sais CEO of Netia.

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