Revitalisation of a nineteenth century factory in Lodz

A complex revitalization and adaptation of the nineteenth century Grohman factory in Lodz is currently being done by Lodzka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna. The aim of the investment is to create an office and conference building.

The purpose of the adaptation of this postindustrial factory is to create and office centre.  Apart from renovating the old buildings the investors plan to build a new one matching the characteristics of this place. An old water tower is also to be adapted so that it has several levels covering rather small areas of 36 sq. meters. Using paving and patterns from the period is planned during the building works and the new buildings are to refer to the historical parts of the project.

The net area of the building is 3600 sq. meters and the usable space is 1644 sq. meters. After the investment is completed it is to be used as a headquarters and  a conference, cultural and exposition centre of LSSE.  Three conference rooms are to function in the centre ( a large one, capable of accommodating 250 people, and two smaller ones for 12 or 8 people). Renting office spaces for companies cooperating with LSSE is also to be possible.

AGG – Architekci Grupa Grabowski Sp. Z. O. O. is responsible for the project and Anna Grabowska is its author. 

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