KPT's another permit

The photo shows Boguchwała's grounds.
The photo shows Boguchwała's grounds.
Krakowski Park Technologiczny issued its tenth permission for operating activity in Cracow's special economic zone this year.

Two companies recieved permits recently: HS Glass and H-Gaz partnerships. These are the 109th and 110th permissions issued by Cracow Technological Park (Krakowski Park Technologiczny). The first company operates activity in glass fiber industry. It is going to invest 600 000 PLN on Cracow special economic zone's grounds, increasing the employment by at least two employees in the area. The investment is planned in Tarnów subzone.

The second company- H-Gaz sp.j.- produces gas stations, filters as well as turbine and rotor gas meter installation sets. Other than that, trade in materials for the construction of gas networks makes a large part of the company's activity. The enterprise is to invest 7 500 000 PLN on special economic zone's grounds. At that, it will hire at least 49 employees. The investment is to be realised on Boguchwała subzone's grounds.

Boguchwała subzone functions since october 2010. It has an area of 8 ha, half of which still remains unoccupied. The subzone's grounds are fully equipped and well communicated.

10th permission this year is at the same time the 110th permission issued by Cracow Technological Park. Grounds in Cracow's special economic zone attract entrepreneurs, among else, with their good preparation and adaptation for needs and expectations of future investors.

According to Beata Kuczek-Maruta from Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Kuczek-Maruta : It is a good thing that Krakowska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna attracts further investors. Tax reliefs which the entrepreneurs operating in SSE are entitled to are proving to be - together with business amenities offered by a well organised zone - an effective incentive. It is so even despite the fact that operating a business activity in SSE is burdened with additional responsibilities, such as a requirement of separating and individually accounting revenue and costs of such activity, or the necessity of fulfilling investment and new workplace creation commitments. The old truth that lowering fiscal burdens is best for stimulating economic growth, finds its practical proof exactly in special economic zones. 

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Pete :
Bardzo fajnie, przybywają kolejne miejsca pracy, to bardzo ważne dla tych terenów.
July 24, 2012 at 9:21 AM
ryszard.ek1 :
No i mamy kolejną dobrą informację o KPT.
Od lat zwraca moją uwagę ta inicjatywa. Szczególnie warta uwagi jest prężność działań oraz ich rozmach (funkcjonowanie na terenie dwóch województw).
Swoją drogą - szkoda, że 20 lat temu nie było takich ułatwień, bo pewnie teraz mój biznes miałby inny adres na pieczątce ;)
July 24, 2012 at 8:57 AM