The Earth Day 2015

The seminar on the occasion of the Earth Day
Stephen Mull, Ambassador of the United States
The seminars devoted to sustainable construction were held in Warsaw and Wrocław on the occasion of the Earth Day.

The seminar organized by Polish Green Building Council and U.S. Embassy Commercial Service in Warsaw in cooperation with American Chamber of Commerce was held simultaneously in Warsaw and Wrocław. Magda Pavlak-Chiaradia, Managing Director in ERM Poland Sp. z o.o. inaugurated the meeting in the Warsaw University Library, whereas Rafał Schurma, president in PLGBC, inaugurated the meeting in Wrocław 3M Innovation Center. The guest of honor who participated in the event was JE Stephen Mull, Ambassador of the United States, who gave a welcoming speech.


The experts in the area of green construction and sustainable development expressed themselves in these issues: Peter Templeton, vice-chairman in United States Green Building Council from Washington was present on the meeting online, whereas Jonathan Scott – an author of recently published book titled The Sustainable Business. A Practitioner's Guide to Achieving Long-Term Profitability and Competitiveness participated personally in the event. Both lectures were broadcasted to Wrocław.


The discussion panel was held in both cities and it concerned sustainable development and construction. The list of participants in the capital city included: Geoffroy Durandet – Vice President, UTC Building & Industrial Systems Central Europe, Anna Pławiak – Manager, Business Tax Advisory – Grants & Incentives Department, EY, Arne Springorum – Board Member – CzGBC, Founder & Managing Director of Human Element Consulting s.r.o., Katarzyna Toroń – Technical Director, Board Member, KARMAR S.A. Magda Pavlak-Chiaradia was a moderator. Moreover, the Wrocław panel gathered such participants as: Tomasz Duda – Research & Development  Director, 3M, Filip Kotarski – Senior, Business Tax Advisory – Grants & Incentives Department, EY, Veronique Tatarczuk – Technical Director, BYPOLSKA Property Development, and the moderator was Rafał Schurma. The evening was ended with a network meeting. Furthermore, an interesting tour around 3M Innovation Center was an additional attraction in Wrocław.


The sponsors of the meeting were such companies like 3M, ERM Polska Sp. z o.o., EY, Human Element Consulting s.r.o., KARMAR S.A. and United Technologies. The event was under the media patronage of Architektura.Info, Builder, Czysta Energia, e-Biurowce and Facility Manager.


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