XIInd All-Polish Firefighting Congress on the National Stadium

XIInd All-Polish Firefighting Congress on the National Stadium
XIInd All-Polish Firefighting Congress on the National Stadium
XIInd edition of the All-Polish Firefighting Congress took place on 23th July on the National Stadium. It was held under the headword „Fire safety and technical protection of building structures”. The event also discussed the issues concerning offices.

XIInd All-Polish Firefighting Congress, which took place on the National Stadium on 23th July 2015, attracted nearly 100 exhibitors. Producers and distributors from the industry of safety and fire protection presented novelties from many related branches – vision monitoring, mechanical safety systems, devices and access control systems, signalization systems of break-in and attacks as well as the other threats or systems of data protection. The Congress was visited by over 1200 professionals among which there were designers, installers, general contractors, investors, representatives of civil services, companies engaged in direct protection, representatives of the financial sector and many public institutions.


The Congress was organized together with substantive events. The participants of the 24th panels of expert and technical lectures could see presented novelties from the industry, expand their knowledge in the area of issues related to fire safety and energetic security in construction and industry, including prevention from fire and industrial accidents as well as proper designing of modern building structures. The organizers took care about a careful selection of topics, not only in respect of their substantive attractiveness, but also showing existing problems from practical point of view. The substantive issue was provided by experts and professionals in the area of safety and fire prevention.


It is worth emphasizing that there were also discussed topics which are important for the industry of office properties, including designing of arrangement of office space in buildings in the area of fire security. The participants of the event could get some advice from the area of construction law, financing of investments and good practices of designing and montage of systems. Moreover, the assembly of experts shared with their experience, gave advice and opinions from the proper office arrangement within the Oko w oko z rzeczoznawcą project held for the first time. Furthermore, presentation called Poradnik projektowania aranżacji przestrzeni w budynkach biurowych prepared by Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów Bezpieczeństwa Pożarowego SIBP was showed during the event.    


XIIth Congress of Fire Safety was held under the aegis of: Marshall of the Mazovian Voivodeship – Adam Struzik, President of the City of Warsaw – Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Honorable Consul of Finland – Tadeusz Pająk, General Management of National Roads and Motorways, International Fire Officers Association, Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów Bezpieczeństwa Pożarowego and the General Board of Polskie Zrzeszenie Inżynierów i Techników Sanitarnych. The media patronage was provided by editorial offices of magazines and industry websites as well as E-biurowce.pl.


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