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The III Facility Management Conference was held on 6-7th April 2011in Warsaw. The subject matter included cost optimisation and effective real estate management.

The III Facility Management Conference was held on 6-7th  April 2011in Warsaw. The meeting was moderated by Piotr Bartkiewicz  - Ph.D. Adjunct at Air-Conditioning and Heating Division in Warsaw University of Technology, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Environmental Engineering.

The subject matter included mostly the issues related to cost optimisation and effective commercial property management. Effective possible ways of preparing an object for effective management were presented by Robert Nobis from Colliers International Poland.  Monika Kowalczyk from Keen Property Management in her presentation enumerated essential skills and features of a competent property manager.

In the second part of the conference, the methods of management expense optimisation were presented. Roman Mądry and Mariusz Kisiel from Elektrobudowa SA in their lecture explained the principles of prevention in electro-energetic areas. In turn Marek Bednarczyk from SEGRO Poland and Jolanta Wawrzyszuk from Atrium Poland Real Estate Management spoke about practical methods of management expense reduction and building maintenance cost optimisation.

The issues raised during the second day of the conference were divided into three sections. The first one dealt with the effective management of technical infrastructure. Marcin Kwasiborski from Cofely Service  spoke about the advantages of mounting modern energetic installations in buildings. The second section raised the issue of energy efficiency as a method of exploitation cost reduction.  Piotr Bartkiewicz, who hosted the conference, outlined how to meet the UE energy efficiency standards and requirements. He also presented current and future requirements for energy efficiency and mentioned European projects related to energy efficiency in buildings.

The last part of the meeting dealt with the use of eco-solutions with the aim of cost optimisation. Katarzyna Zawodna from Skanska Property Poland and Jarosław Zagórski from Ghelamco Poland gave presentations containing the advantages connected with the introduction of eco-solutions into modern office building designs. The III Facility Management Conference was finished with a lecture given by Andrzej Żmurka from Mermaid Construction, who convincingly spoke about the possibility of the implementation of eco-solutions also in older buildings.

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