Finns present technologies for high-performance office

Piotr Hajdecki, FINPRO Oy
Piotr Hajdecki, FINPRO Oy
The economic mission of Finnish companies which deliver advanced building technologies to Poland has just come to a close. E-biurowce was a media patron of this event. Hence, we invite you to read the report from this event.

We are currently witnessing the intensification of technological cooperation between Polish and Finnish companies – said Piotr Hajdecki, FINPRO, Polish business representation of Finland, during the press conference. We would like to thank most sincerely for media patronage – said Hajdecki.

The Finnish representatives visited three big developers and one construction company during two-day visit in Poland. The meetings were held in Warsaw offices or at the construction sites and they definitely favored exchanging of experiences; the Polish companies were talking about both the specifics and the expectations of the market, whereas Finnish companies were presenting their technologies. Moreover, the economic mission included an evening meeting with designers and architects, which was held in the residence of the Ambassador of Finland. More than 50 designers and architects from all over Poland attended the meeting.

The economic mission revolved around presentation of technologies by seven companies: Fourdeg, deliverer of intelligent solutions for heat steering; Ouman, deliverer of construction automatics; Gebwell, deliverer of heating and cooling solutions; Scanled, deliverer of Valtavalo lighting; Lumon, deliverer of balcony developments; Itula, deliverer of heating and cooling panels of new generation; Halton, deliverer of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The organizer of the meeting was Cleantech Finland, the Finnish government program, the goal of which is both development and promotion of innovative solutions in the area of clean technologies. This year’s mission concerned presentation of solutions in the area of high-performance buildings, however, other technologies which can be interesting for Polish companies were also discussed within the program, such as clear air or water, renewable energy sources, smart grid, or waste management.

We encourage all companies which seek advanced technologies for their offices to contact the office of FINPRO in Warsaw – says Piotr Hajdecki for The office performs a role of contact point for Polish companies seeking modern technologies, which can constitute a source of competitive advantage for them. We speak Polish when we service companies from this country – encourages Hajdecki.

Finland is a global leader of clean technologies. It can be confirmed by the report – Globak Cleantech Innovation Index 2017 – announced by Cleantech Group on 12 June this year, according to which Finland once again occupies the second place in the ranking.


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