8th Smart City Forum

8th Smart City Forum
Smart City Forum is the most important Congress in Poland devoted to the functioning and development of smart cities. Two days included debates and presentations on visions of local authorities, expectations of inhabitants and offers of companies and start-ups.

The important issues were discussed during the autumn Smart City Forum event. Over 500 participants and 60 speakers participated in this year’s edition of the Congress.

During this hot period of municipal elections, the representatives of the Polish cities were talking about their achievements, plans and visions of development. The ceremonial opening gathered: Maciej Bluj, the Chairman of the Program Council and Vice-President of Wrocław, Jacek Jaśkowiak, President of Poznań, and Krzysztof Żuk, President of Lublin.

The program of Smart City Forum included a new element which will probably become a separate Congress on the development of the real estate sector. The thematic block “PropTech in practice” consisted in cross-sector technologies that change the approach to research, lease, purchase and property management.

The round tables session was a perfect occasion for exchanging knowledge and experiences as well as interactions between participants of the Congress and Table Hosts. There were 4 sessions in this innovative formula with the direction pointed out by the experts from the following fields:

  • charging stations – electromobility
  • city data management, safety
  • strategies of communication with inhabitants that allow to introduce some innovations
  • public space development within facilities for inhabitants and tourists


In accordance with the Event philosophy, these two days allowed to discover how many opportunities the cities actually have. Smart City doesn’t only mean technologies but also life quality and sense of happiness of their inhabitants.

The 8th edition of Smart City Forum turned out to be a very sucessful project thanks to the best experts who participated in the Congress in the role of speakers: Beata Klimek, Wadim Tyszkiewicz, Tadeusz Krzakowski, Paweł Silbert, Wiesław Raczyński, Bartosz Bartoszewicz, Szymon Chojnowski, Marcin Wojdat, Józef Grzegorz Kurek, Artur Tusiński, Grzegorz Skowroński, Wojciech Jeszka, Paweł Pisarczyk and Bartosz Ciepluch.

8th Smart City Forum

Strategic partners: AMS, Asseco Data Systems S.A., Atende S.A.,Dell EMC, ATI Pionier, W.P.I.P. and Visa.

Partners: Comtegra, PTV The Mind of Movement, KJOSK POLSKA, BIT Spółka Akcyjna, blinkee, Nokia, BWHS Bartkowiak Wojciechowski Hałupczak Springer, Gamfi, CallPage, Abak and ProfesCapital.

Logistic partner: mytaxi.


We invite you to see the photographs from the 8th edition of the Smart City Forum event.

Organizer is MMC Poland. 


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