"Investing in Poland" for the third time

Answers to key questions about the investments in Poland were published in the Warsaw Business Journal report.

"Investing in Poland" is an annual report, published by Warsaw Business Journal. In this year's third edition, professionals tried to answer all the questions about the Polish investment market. Essential partners of this publication are PwC and PAIiIZ. A guide for entrepreneurs, especially addressed to foreign companies. 

The publication presents the economic potential of provinces and regions, including in particular places attractive to potential investors  (SSE and technology parks). The report also includes forecasts for regional development and progress in the sectors of the economy. The content of this study includes analysis of the regulations governing business activity in Poland, information on the Polish economy, infrastructure, basic legal and tax regulations. 
The authors emphasized the reinforcing reputation of Poland as a place with a stable economy in which foreign investors are increasingly looking for safe investments. According to specialists, Poland has significant potential to achieve high returns at relatively low risk. Despite the development, much remains to be done - the country's weak side are still, the infrastructure, fiscal incentives for potential investors and the active role of the state in promoting economic initiatives.

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