Layoffs or hiring?

According to the latest Manpower Employment Report, in the third quarter of 2013 the industries recruiting will be: transportation, logistics and communications branches. The Construction employment forecasts is still negative.

According to the Manpower Employment Report, employment prospects in the coming months show a quite moderate optimism about the employment by the employers. Only 16 percent of surveyed companies declared an increase in the number of employment, 9 per cent are planning to cut jobs, and up to 72 percent predict no changes in personnel.

Among the companies that plan to add new posts in the third quarter of 2013, the greatest optimism is displayed in industries such as transport, logistics, communication (+ 10%) and public sector institutions (+ 6%).

We see a slight upturn in the labour market, because for the first time this year, the forecasts are positive, the companies will be more geared to increase the employment. This means that we have a greater number of companies that will increase employment than those who will reduce employment - says Iwona Janas, Director of General Manpower in Poland, the company that developed the report.

Moderate optimism is visible in the agriculture, forestry, fishing (+ 4%) and finance, insurance, real estate and services (+ 3%) sectors. The persistently negative forecasts can be noticed in the construction industry, energy, gas and water (-5%) and industrial production (-3%). However, it should be noted that the situation is stable and does not deteriorate.

After Euro 2012, we started to see a decline in the predictions, which are still negative. Unfortunately, for the third quarter, which is usually a good season for the construction industry, we do not have good info: construction companies will be all the time more geared to unrehire than hire – tells Iwona Janas.

The worst predictions concern the mining sector and the mines (-15%), which are also negative for all four quarters. You should take note of the trade sector, where the forecast is 0% meaning there will be no layoffs or new posts.

Observing trends in the market, we can see that among the most sought after are the specialized qualifications: IT professionals, engineers, technicians, drivers, which in turn is quite consistent with the fact that logistics and transport have the most hires at the moment on the market. There is also a very great interest in individuals- post graduates and people who have no experience - says Iwona Janas.

The report concludes that moderate employers' optimism may suggest positive changes in the labour market. Says Iwona Janas - Let's say that this might be the first signal of a permanent improvement.

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