They shouldn’t worry about employment

Experienced specialists and managers receive even up to 11 job offers a year so their demands towards the employers are growing.

Widely publicized problem of unemployment doesn’t seem to be a problem for specialists and managers with experience – according to Antal International’s data. The best in their trade receive up to 11 job offers a year. Who should prepare for a barrage of propositions? The interest in the best specialists depends on the trade. For example, niche IT specialists are in high demand, but in branch of production it’s harder to find employment as there is a significant supply of candidates on the market – explains Aleksandra Kujawa, IT manager from Antal International.

3rd edition of a study ‘Mobility of specialists and managers on labour market’ brings optimistic results. IT experts can count on up to 11 job offers a year, while other professional groups, without administration or law graduates, can have about 6.

The approach of the majority of specialists to the current labour market is interesting. Most of the candidates look for their work passively, which means that they neither inquire for job offers nor use their social media profiles to search for them. That doesn’t mean however, that when a head hunter or an internal HR department contacts them they turn the offer down. Around 30 – 40 percent of candidates are those who are actively looking for a job, while over 50 percent of them are passive towards the labour market – says Aleksandra Kujawa.

The study shows that 15 percent of employees of middle and upper level are not in search of an alternative employment. This group includes specialists in IT (21 percent), HR (20 percent) as well as finances and accountancy (16 percent). What we can currently observe among these experts is reluctance towards changing jobs. Candidates are content with relations with their colleagues, loyal to their employer but also satisfied with their salaries. It’s a major motivational factor – states Aleksandra Kujawa.

According to data gathered by Antal International, workers are unwilling to change their employer if they’re satisfied with the personal relations inside the company (54 percent). Very important is the salary (52 percent). Nearly half of the respondents point out lack of interesting job offers on the market.

Although the results are optimistic, experts should never forget about continuous improvement of their professional qualifications. Specialists and managers should, above all, improve their linguistic competence, gain more qualifications and receive valid certificates which will allow them to adjust to the market and legal changes in their trade – comments Aleksandra Kujawa.

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Alicja K. :
Bardzo ciekawy raport, zgadzam się z autorem, że w dzisiejszych czasach nie można sobie pozwolić na "stabilizację". Jest ona bowiem rozumiana w branży jako zastój, zatrzymanie się. Kluczem do sukcesu jest natomiast ciągłe podnoszenie swoich kwalifikacji, po prostu rozwój.
July 31, 2013 4:15 PM