How much are we going to spend on Easter?

According to research conducted by Provident Polska, the expenses related to Easter are much lower in comparison to Christmas but three times as high as in case of a normal weekend. An average Polish family is going to spend 363 zlotys.

We asked the Poles how much they are going to spend on Easter. The average is 363 zlotys. This amount depends on the number of people who are present in a certain household. It is ca. 260 zlotys in case of two-person households and over 400 zlotys in case of five-person households – explains Przemysław Kasza from research department in Provident Polska.


Moreover, we are going to spend significantly less in comparison to Christmas. In December, the expenses of Polish households were even higher and they exceeded 500 zlotys. However, Easter is still much more expensive than a common weekend at which we spend 117 zlotys on average on a household.


First and foremost, the custom of giving presents in December decides about smaller amount of money intended for expenses related to Easter than in case of Christmas. According to research, 56 per cent of respondents are not going to prepare presents in the period of Easter, one third of the Poles do not think about it and finally only one third are convinced that they will certainly do it. People who want to buy an Easter present are going to spend 127 zlotys on average but 13 per cent want to make a present without bearing any costs.


The Easter expenses will not undergo a considerable change – 56 per cent of the Poles are going to spend as much money as a year ago. The other people want to intend more or less money in equal part on the organization of their holidays in comparison to last year.


The people who earn a lot of money spend the most. However, it turns out that the greatest engagement is noticeable among inhabitants of villages. They spend almost four times more than in case of a normal weekend, whereas the inhabitants of cities with 250 thousand people spend only two and a half more – says Kasza and adds that the average Easter expenses of households may exceed 400 zlotys because each additional person in a family indicates more expensive holidays by ca. 100 zlotys.


According to research, the great discrepancy is also noticeable between family budgets intended for holidays. One third of surveyed declare that they are going to spend even less than 300 zlotys on Easter. At the same time, every fifth respondent is going to intend over 500 zlotys for that April weekend.


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